27th May 2016



Good morning!


It’s 7:15am, the sun rose like it does every day except today I choose to watch it!
A magic moment.
Pure bliss.
Force majeure.
How long has it been since you watched one? Might I remind you they’re free?
It was so powerful that I choose today for the birth of “Moments”, this space that was waiting for me and that I was looking for to give life to our story.


I must admit I am a little nervous, I’m not very good at managing expectations. I’m an enthusiast, a natural-born dreamer. I always think everything will be fine and I’ve always thought that maybe my power could inspire someone, could provoke change, strength, bravery. After all, what have we to loose by being bold? Does fortune not favour the bold?
I like the idea of life being this collection of moments, moments that change everything and turn everything inside out; I like the idea that they’re all different; I am fascinated by all of them. Those who choose us and those whom we choose…
Here I will tell you a little about me, my big and small moments, that make me feel alive, that make me who I am.
I can’t guarantee that Moments will rise every day like the sun, but I do know that when it does, it will bring the choice of light.


Back in a moment…


Patrícia Nunes Pereira
Loveworker at Vintage Bazaar






Algarve, Pedras d’El-Rei, Praia do Barril

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