1st July 2016

A Moment to say thank you

There are places that cross our path, without our agreement or consent, and leave a mark from the very first moment.

Little Miss Arrifana is one of those few places. There are so many other places right around the corner, but it was she who I freely latched on to. A free prisoner. A natural one.

I arrive, stop, listen and look. And I never get tired of looking.





I look at your wild side, your round hills, your dark cliff, your broad stretch of sand, your famous waves. I’m a fan of your concerts, your cold water, your tight corners, your white houses, your faces eaten up by the sun and sea salt, your wild cacti, your endless ups and downs.





I think of you so often, I talk to you, tell you I’m almost there and when I leave, I look you in the eye so you know I’ll be back soon.

Damn Arrifana… How can you be so perfect?

Perfect just the way you are!




In this corner quiet down, I challenge myself, I reinvent myself, I get to know myself… To this corner I belong.

Could I re-charge my batteries elsewhere? Yes, I could … but it wouldn’t be the same.


Thank you, Arrifana.

I’ll be back soon enough!

Back in a moment…




Best food in town:

  • Hello Sailor – not to be missed!
  • Ponte a pé – restaurant of traditional Portuguese food in the centre of Aljezur
  • Gulli – great choice for a family dinner
  • Arrozes do Oceano – go for the Monkfish Rice (“Arroz de Tamboril”); you can also order it and take it home


Aljezur Market – a must see!


Nearby beaches:

  • Monte Clérigo
  • Vale Figueira
  • Amado
  • Castelejo
  • Cordoama

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