Daughter of an adventurer father and of a vintage collector mother, Patricia Nunes Pereira grew up being influenced by the unique 70’s , in a rich and eclectic cultural environment.


As a child, she summered in the stunning and wild Vicentine Coast, around Carrapateira and Amado. As often as she can, she returns to this paradise to recharge in the cold waters, savage cacti and unique landscape of dunes. She feels at home there.


She always felt attracted by a nomad style of life, restless, curious and opened to anything that would lead her to new experiences. Travel is still today one of her greatest passions.


“Everything happens when we leave our comfort zone.”




She studied in Lisbon but always lived in Santo Amaro de Oeiras, a charming village by the sea, outside Lisbon, where she ended up establishing her business. She still keeps friendships from those days.


She is truly happy when she hosts at home. She absolutely loves it and devotes her attention to the tiniest details. There is always space for flowers, bougainvilleas are her favorite. Life gains a special meaning to her when shared with joy at a well set table with fine wine and a good chat among the best company. As she once read on a restaurant wall:


“ … making people happy while they are under our roof…”




She interrupted her Law studies to work on what soon would become her true passion: Fashion.


Her experience started in retail. She immediately identified the relevance of customer care, where she discovered her strongest skills, while also learning the running of collections, merchandising, targets and all fascinating aspects of the business.


She worked for several years in Chiado, one of the most fashionable places in Lisbon and the best place to learn and to build a solid experience of the street commerce. Many years later, her second shop would be located in the privileged area of Chiado.


“I am proud to be part of a new culture of street commerce; a culture that preserves the surrounding history and tradition, focus on customer care and attention to detail, and where clients play the main role.”




She was after invited to work for well known showrooms in Lisbon where she stepped into a new chapter of her career. She fully embraced the opportunity to experience the Portuguese market from North to South and this was the beginning of strong lasting relationships with clients that she proudly maintains to today. Clients with whom she works together as a team.


“Brands don’t play the main role. Clients do. Always the clients.”


In 2001, her eyes shone brighter as she became a mother. She wanted her son to see her as an example of strength, bravery and passion; as someone who fights for what makes her happy; as someone who loves what they do.


“I could not be happy without Vintage Bazaar and my son knows this and respects it. We have a kind of complementary relationship, I am the turbulence and he is the calm. I could not ask for anything more.”




Later on, she was also given the opportunity to travel throughout Europe to introduce new collections, attend fashion shows, search for new brands and explore new horizons. All this would allow her to gain more experience and learn about all areas of the business.


About a decade ago, as she felt the signs of recession, she knew exactly what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it. It was the right time to take her leap of faith. She will forever be grateful for all the people who believed in her and helped to make her dream come true. She established as a strong alternative in the Portuguese retail market by offering prompt delivery with quality. She differentiated from other brands by presenting her clients, bimonthly , new collections with immediate delivery. This would prove to be a great strategy not just back in that context but still today.


“I always felt this was where I wanted to be and that I had something to say.”


In 2007, Vintage Bazaar opens its showroom in Santo Amaro de Oeiras, at the heart of Patricia’s own neighbourhood. Always guided by her intuition, she settled on her own in the place where Vintage Bazaar’s first shop would later be opened.


“To be grateful, to have my feet on the ground, and to work each day with humility are my essential guidelines.”




She created a free-spirit fashion label together with a modern bohemian lifestyle. But she is also passionate about Vintage and Homestyle. In her stores, she strives to inspire whoever enters her world. A brand has to make people dream; it has to have its own DNA and a concept that is respected and perpetuated in all that is created.


“I don’t like to attach Vintage Bazaar with labels but I can say that I do see it within the Parisian bohemian chic, the California groove, the Ibiza beat and the Bali light.”




She gets her inspiration from women; it is because of them and for them that she gives her best every day.


Vintage Bazaar proudly dresses Portuguese women like Mafalda Pinto Leite, Anna Westerlund, Fernanda Ferreira Velez, Lúcia Moniz, Rita Ferro, Maria Guedes, Ana Stilwell, Catarina Jardim, Carolina Patrocínio and Teresa Tavares. But also many other women who dream big and are open, genuine and restless; women who identify with Vintage Bazaar’s message and lifestyle.


And this is why there’s no space to stop thriving and creating.


“For a while, I believed this business was part of a futile world. Today, I am proud to be part of this industry. I respect it.”


She travels often to supervise a delicate and fast production process where there is no space for mistakes. She finds her travels are an enormous privilege to look at her project and her life with perspective. She always returns reenergized and with a million new ideas.


“If we believe in what we do and we do it with truth and great passion, we send a message and people feel it. I deeply believe this.”




Patricia remains faithful to her concept, without ignoring what is happening in the market, opened to new challenges and always seeking to surprise. She likes to believe her story will inspire others to follow their dreams and their intuition.


“Each day I thank my team for helping me make my dream come true.”

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