16th June 2016

Olé Moment

I feel somewhat attracted to Spain, which honestly leads me to believing I have Spanish blood in me, even though I don’t…

Having a sister called Carmen, another who teaches Sevillanas and having learned Spanish in just a month’s holiday as a child, are reasons more than enough to make me feel like one of them… As if all this weren’t enough, my eyes shine when I hear Paco de Lucia, when in the presence of Flamenco dancing or when I reach for a caña and a bocadillo de jamon Serrano…

God only knows how happy I’d be, living on tapas every day…




I have a certain “Olé” in me and whenever I get the chance, I take off, without being picky or choosy. This time, I picked Barcelona because there was a late Christmas gift I still had to enjoy: a long weekend that included a Coldplay concert.


Oh and how we were welcomed by Barcelona! Everyone that we came across – in bodegas, in taxis, on calles – made us feel so special.

I like to watch the Spaniards, to listen to them, I’m nuts about the energy and life that emanate. I belong to their Club: the Club of those who think life must be enjoyed.

Barcelona of Gaudi, Montjuïc, Las Ramblas, the Gothic quarter and the Born, Diagonal and Paseo de Gracia, in their huge multiculturalism, always touches us, vaya movida de ciudad!





Anyone who knows me is well aware that the expression “to kill two birds with one stone” is one of my favourite ones, and what two birds these were!


I love music and I love Coldplay. For me, they are truly the band of the moment and the fact that they fill up dozens of stadiums in every continent every year or the fact that every Single they launch becomes a hit on that same day doesn’t particularly interest me – what interests me is their ability to thrill me, which they still do.

Vaya concertón!




It wasn’t the first time I watched them and I’m sure it won’t be the last because, like Spain, what is good should be repeated, what is good should always be repeated.


Hasta pronto Espanha!

Hasta pronto Coldplay!

Vuelvo dentro de momentos…



For tapas, the chosen ones this time were:

  • Bodega 1900 (when you go to a place and it’s closed and you cross the street, find another bodega and thank God for the other one being closed)
  • Dos Palillos (asian tapas to die for, in the centre of the ramblas, with a small terrace)
  • El Cañete (with the privilege of having a Portuguese waiter at the bar, offering suggestions. Thank you, Pedro!)


The Coldplay songs that thrill me the most (and they played them all…)

  • Ink
  • Fix You
  • Everglow
  • Call it Magic
  • Sky full of stars
  • A Head full of dreams
  • Every teardrop is a waterfall
  • To name but a few…


Translator’s notes:

  • Sevillanas – Spanish folk dancing from the Seville area
  • caña – Spanish draught beer
  • bocadillo de jamon Serrano – Serrano smoked ham sandwich
  • tapas – traditional Spanish finger food
  • bodegas – typical Spanish taverns
  • calles – streets
  • vaya movida de ciudad – way to go for the city’s life
  • vaya concertón – way to go for a great concert
  • Hasta pronto Espanha! – see you soon, Spain!
  • Hasta pronto Coldplay! – see you soon, Coldplay!
  • Vuelvo dentro de momentos… – Back in a moment…

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