31st March 2017


Ten years of Vintage Bazaar deserve to be celebrated with a nostalgic trip throughout our most remarkable moments! We asked Patrícia Nunes Pereira, the woman behind it all, to tell us the story of this unforgettable adventure! From the little and old neighbourhood grocery shop, where it all started, to this day:




1. Let’s start from the beginning. How and why Vintage Bazaar was born?

VB is the result of a strong passion and a huge will to spread a message. I understood, since the beginning, that a successful project needs a strong identity. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do, created a business strategy, followed my intuition, was always coherent with the concept and was able to take risks and make decisions. From that, with lots of energy from my team and the help of lady luck, the brand started developing and never stopped.




2. What kind of influences were behind the birth of Vintage Bazaar?

With biweekly collections, the influences are always diverse and many. I believe that a strong balance between what the market asks and our spirit as a brand is the key. This is one of our biggest challenges and maybe the one which is most fulfilling. Having two business areas, our own stores and wholesale, has became a privilege and make us able to respond quickly to an industry that is getting more and more fast. Nonetheless, modern bohemian is the mood that best describes us and the constant travels open our spirit as a brand, making us full of energy and inspiration.




3. In ten years, a lot has changed, both in Portugal and in the world but the essence of Vintage Bazaar remained untouched. How was that possible?

True, in ten years a lot happens… It’s still unbelievable that a decade has passed… VB has a fast work rhythm but we face every challenge with everything we got, always trying to reinvent ourselves and putting our essence in everything we do. The restlessness and will to do better make us appreciate being part of this project every day. More than untouched, I think our essence has been able to adapt itself to all everyday challenges.


4. A decade of many stories, I’m sure. What was the most memorable moment of Vintage Bazaar? And the one that cause more laughs and smiles?

I have great memories of this 10 years! VB has a super positive energy all around. The most beautiful memory I have is from my first trip to Asia. A moment were doubts, uncertainties, risks and fears were replaced by sureness, achievements, adventures and the birth of the brand. I will also never forget all the people that believed in this dream, gave me strength and told me they believe in me and that dreams come true. I also remember the smile I had on my face when, for the first time, I saw a woman on the street wearing a Vintage Bazaar piece. I remember thinking: “let’s go Patrícia, keep going!”. Another thing that always puts a smile on my face is to see my team come up to the office everyday with enthusiasm and a will to embrace the day. I have the most profound respect and admiration for the team behind VB.




5. You are passionate about traditional commerce. How is it to have two stores in such two iconic areas? And how was reopening the one in Chiado – such an historic place of the capital?

I grew up in Santo Amaro de Oeiras and being lucky enough to see VB grew in this same place made it all much more special. The Chiado store was love at first sight and the realization that the brand was ready to land in Lisbon, and in an area that I love. We opened the store in troubled times but we did it, year after year! And now, that VB turns ten, we thought it was the right time to spice things up a bit and show our clients that we are ready for more ten years. Lisbon is more alive than ever and I’m super proud of being able to contribute to the dynamism of the most beautiful city in the world.




6. Vintage Bazaar stores have a unique atmosphere that is influenced by the carefully chosen decoration. How does this process occurs?

Being able to assert our lifestyle concept as a brand in our stores was always fascinating for me. Our stores made it possible to reveal our universe even further. Besides biweekly flashes, VB stores always have accessories, footwear, restored vintage pieces and lots of decor. I love to discover new things in my trips and all is chosen with lots of emotion. We also pay a great deal of attention to merchandising and shop windows, that are in permanent transformation. I love the idea of inspiring people, and make them dream, that is really my goal when I choose pieces for the stores.




7. Women are one of the main pillars of the Vintage Bazaar legacy. How do they inspire the brand?

VB is made up essentially of women and is while thinking about them that we get committed and enthusiastic. The strength, determination, will, courage, versatility, sensibility and the sixth sense of women inspire the brand every day in every way.


8. You are a woman, mother, entrepreneur… Do you work to make it possible for Vintage Bazaar to answer the needs of other women which, as you, are multi-layered?

Women have an innate strength to cover the various challenges in life. They have a power and natural intuition that, even in difficult times, guides them and makes them move forward. I’m a super positive person that always tries to look to the bright side of life and make the most of it. I share this way of living with my team and always ask them to listen to the needs and wishes of those who come to us.




9. Proving this feminine influence are the numerous VBGirls that work with the brand. How is it to work with women this inspiring and well known to the public? Is there a curiosity you can share with us?

We have had the opportunity and the privilege of crossing with many women that inspire us, always in a genuine way. Being able to have a balance between our brand notoriety and the truthfulness of our message in one of our main goals. That’s why we call them VBGirls, because each one of them, in their own way, has a unique take on the brand, making it part of their everyday life. The most special curiosity I can share is that, most of them besides their mediatic worlds, are real women, with the same doubts and certainties as every other woman and that is what made possible to develop a beautiful friendship with most of them, thanks to VB.


10. What can we expect for the next ten years of Vintage Bazaar?

Lots of life, lots of energy, inspiration and the will to keep going through this path with lots of smiles, side by side with my dream team.





The trip that changed my life was… Thailand.

My favourite destination is… the one I don’t know yet.

My travel guilty pleasure is… something that embraces the sunset.

The most fun thing that happen to me in a trip was… Having to change my destination on depart day and arriving on a super-hot country wearing Uggs… to retain: always bring a pair of Havaianas!!!

If I could only visit one more place in the world it will be one in… Africa.

In my travels, I learned that… lady luck protects the daring ones.

In Portugal, I always love to travel to… Costa Vicentina.

My next travel destination is… Sri Lanka.

Something I never plan and love to leave to chance, when I travel is… almost everything!

Travel, in just one word, is… TO LIVE!”




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