10th September 2016

A moment to stop and thank

The Pre-Fall ’16 Collection has already taken off with the motto “Let’s Fall in Love ❤️” and, being physically away, my thoughts are with the big passion in my life.
Here, far away, I look at the emails, the pictures, the VB girls, the posts, the messages, the subtitles, the albums, the newsletters, the stores, the team… and my face lights up with the soul of a mother hen admiring all that Vintage Bazaar has already done. And all that it still wants to do.




And the motto for the launch of yet another collection was not chosen by chance, for this decade that we’re almost completing (with so many surprises still to come, my God!) appears to be mesmerizing us and the energy and love that we release keeps growing.
We use the word LOVE (worklovers, made with love, from Portugal with love, with love…) because this is always the feeling on which we base our work.
It is this absolute truth that we always include in our project.
This includes quarterly trips, fortnightly collections, matching shootings, productions and respective styling, thousands of references, 3 brand stores, hundreds of retail customers, thousands of fans of the brand.
The pace is often intense but it is with this intensity that we learn to excel and make magic.




The purpose of this state of play is not to gloat but rather to face all that lies ahead with even more respect for the progress made and responsibility for the journey ahead.
Yes… we have long ceased to be a project, we are a brand, we are Vintage Bazaar!
And my face lights up again.
Ideas are only worth something if we know how to carry them out and I take huge pride in being surrounded by a creative team that allows me to carry out all my ideas:




Thank you, Rita! Super Saleswoman, Super Production Assistant!
Thank you, Joana! Super Sales Assistant!
Thank you, Pakoka! Super General Manager!
Thank you, Filipa! Super Right Arm!
Thank you, Adry! Super Warehouse Manager!
Thank you, Emily! Super Assistant!
Thank you, Carmen! Super Head of the Online Store and Super Merchandiser!
Thank you, Lima! Super designer!
Thank you, Margarida! Super Manager of the Santo Amaro de Oeiras store!
Thank you, Alenquer. Super Shop Assistant!
Thank you, Patricia! Super Manager of the Chiado store!
Thank you, Hugo! Super love!
Thank you, Lio! Super Does-it-all!
Thank you, Mafalda. Super Model! Beautiful with a new cut for the rentrée!
Thank you, Joca! Super Photographer!
Thank you, Lucilia! Super Angel!
Thank you, Aunt Rosa! Super Aunty!
Thank you, Nuno and Pedro! Super IT Techs.!
Thank you, Birdie! Super Website Manager!
Thank you, Paulo! Super Accountant!
Thank you, Marta! Super Translator!
Thank you, Kika! Super Everything!
Thank you, Gena and Alberto! Super Friends!
Thank you, Mafalda, Anna, Fernanda, Rita, Ágata, Sara, Pimpinha, Carolina, Ana, Teresa (I hope not to forget any)! Super VB Girls!
Thank you to all our Customers! Super Customers!
Thank you to all our Fans and Followers! Super Fans!

Thank you!
And my face lights up again.
Back in a moment.


Patricia Nunes Pereira
Worklover na Vintage Bazaar

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