20th October 2016

NY NY Moment

Having celebrated another birthday and with a twinkle in my eye, I am here to share this special moment… after all it’s not every year that we can afford to celebrate our birthday in a dream destination (yes… I admit that New York was part of my dreams…) together with our son, our boyfriend and his eldest son. I had this privilege and would like to start by being thankful for that.

The choice for the city that never sleeps had long been made and announced but nevertheless, only when I was literally sitting on the plane did I begin to feel the energy inherent to dreams coming true. And I thought: it’s going to be fine, nothing can go wrong.
More than discovering the World, I tend to discover also a little about myself every mile I travel and that is my biggest rush, my biggest dream.




We were greeted by a persistent rain and a super cool taxi driver who took us straight to incandescent Times Square. We quickly realized that a good night’s sleep would do wonders and, hopefully, take the rain with it. And so it did…
Ground Zero, Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock), Empire State Building, Moma, Radio City Hall, Central Station, Central Park and 5th Avenue were references that we followed as though fulfilling a promise. It had to be done.
Broadway, Manhattan, Brooklyn (Williamsburg and Dumbo), Soho, Wall Street, West Village, East Village and Chelsea (High Line) were neighbourhoods that we visited with the thirst of someone who wants to drink it all, to the last drop.
We didn’t have a lot of time and we had a lot to see. And we did.




The most special moments?
When we rented bicycles to cross the Hudson, taking the Manhattan Bridge there and the Brooklyn Bridge back. It was very special for all of us. Each in their own way tried to digest their emotion. Our eyes were sparkling. Very much. Mobile phones were shooting away. Manhattan seen from the outside is passionately beautiful.
Watching my dear son spontaneously pedalling the streets of New York, often on one wheel only, gave meaning to everything.




My birthday was simply perfect. Being able to get lost in the West Village blew my mind.
Thank you my love for being happy when I’m happy.

The details I shall keep to myself… but there were many and very special ones.
The way dear Francisco fought for a place in the audience of the Tonight Show, getting a hug from his idol Jimmy Fallon, moved and inspired me. Very much.
Our Starbucks moment every day, halfway through the morning, reminded us of the Top4 we make up, warmed us up and brought routine into our daily adventure.

It was time to go back. And so we did.
More to come next year.
There’s always more next year.
Hopefully always like this, filled with light and in great company. That’s enough to make me happy.

Could it have been different? Sure… but it wouldn’t have been the same.
Thank you João Maria, Hugo and Francisco!




Back in a moment…

Patricia Nunes Pereira
Worklover at Vintage Bazaar

Just in case:

  • In Soho, have a meal at Balthazar – it’s TOP!
  • Set an evening aside to attend a jazz concert at the Blue Note or Birdland. We chose the latter, as it was very close to our hotel.
  • Make sure you rent bicycles to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and get lost in the Dumbo neighbourhood just off the bridge – super special.
  • Get lost in the streets of the West Village – they seem straight out of a movie…
  • Don’t miss the experience of watching the sunset on a rooftop.
  • Always follow your intuition!

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